Enhancing Business Growth with Expert Engineering Solutions

In a market increasingly driven by candidates, our client faced the dual challenge of unexpected staff attrition and a rising demand due to acquiring new customers. The departure of key skilled professionals highlighted a critical gap in their knowledge management system, impeding their potential for growth. This client, a specialist in manufacturing high-pressure tanks and vessels, recognized the urgent need to standardize and document their manufacturing processes.

To address this need, a skilled engineer from FlexTrades was brought on board. Their primary mission involved a thorough analysis of existing manufacturing processes to establish or revise comprehensive work instructions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This strategic initiative allowed the client’s engineering team to redirect their focus towards capital improvement projects, a crucial factor in driving the company’s growth and success.

By entrusting FlexTrades with this pivotal task, the client not only streamlined their manufacturing processes but also fortified their foundation for sustainable expansion. This partnership underscored the value of specialized engineering expertise in adapting to market changes and securing a competitive edge.

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One of our esteemed clients in American Aerospace manufacturing, renowned for their cutting-edge rockets and spacecrafts, faced a backlog due to a shortage of skilled Machinists in the local market. In response, they engaged FlexTrades, initially anticipating the need for two technicians for their critical 8-week project. Remarkably, upon the arrival of the first Machinist from FlexTrades, the client was astounded by the exceptional productivity, expertise, and skill level demonstrated. This proficiency allowed them to achieve their production targets with just one specialist from FlexTrades, effectively streamlining their process.

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FlexTrades is renowned for exceeding expectations, and our tradespeople embody this ethos in every project!

Our commitment to addressing complex production challenges was recently showcased when we collaborated with a top agricultural equipment manufacturer. They had been facing significant difficulties for six months in recruiting onsite trainers with the necessary expertise, adversely affecting their production quality and leading to severe backlogs. Within just 10 days, FlexTrades was able to make a pivotal difference. We deployed Dustin, our exceptionally skilled CNC Trainer, who swiftly addressed their critical need for a proficient trainer.

The impact of Dustin’s involvement was significant, as articulated by our client: “Dustin went above and beyond, not only providing comprehensive wiring instructions for our machinery but also optimizing the work cell setup. He collaborated with our vendors to source superior tools for our operators and significantly improved the work area. This has greatly facilitated the training of new employees and enhanced overall productivity.” This feedback exemplifies the high standard of service and expertise that FlexTrades brings to every partnership. 

Vehicle Manufacturing

Our manufacturing client requested that we supply 21 Welders and 7 Painters in response to a significant surge in demand for concrete mixers and garbage trucks. FlexTrades received a letter of commendation from them, highlighting that many of our welders not only met but exceeded the performance of their regular employees, achieving 120% of their weekly production targets.

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Our team recently concluded an extensive 18-month engagement with a client company specializing in manufacturing components for the medical and aerospace sectors. This client was grappling with a challenging local labor market and an expanding backlog of orders. In response, we deployed 50 of our skilled Machinists, CMM Operators, and Assemblers to assist in their clean room operations, ensuring that production targets were achieved. This support played a crucial role in bridging their workforce gap as they focused on recruiting and training permanent staff.

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