Starting a new career is a big adjustment. Candidates often express concerns such as, “How will I learn the PMG process and get up to speed quickly?” Over the last 14 years, we’ve refined our training program to ensure every new hire is set up for success. Our training program begins with an extensive in-office training week. This week includes PMG business model and product overview, CRM training, shadowing existing employees, studying a training manual and role-playing. The first week of training is important to give you enough information to be dangerous, but we understand that training is a life-long process.

Our motto at PMG is that training and development should never end. For our new hires, we have weekly call coaching sessions and one-on-one meetings with managers. We also hold a quarterly team training, where we discuss new techniques or go over successes/struggles that we are encountering.  Brian Primus, our Director of Business Development has been with PMG for over 14 years and plays a critical role in the training and development of our new hires. For many of those years, he was our only salesman. In order to efficiently translate his superior selling skills to new hires, Brian now holds a dual role of Salesman and Sales Trainer.

Along with our training program, our leadership team has an open door policy and encourages everyone to come forward with any new ideas or questions. We want to have an environment where the free-flow of ideas is constant and where learning and career growth never stop.

PMG makes it a top priority to give back to the community whenever possible. At least once per quarter, the PMG team picks a foundation that we can support. In July, PMG is raising money and school supplies to donate to Twin Cities Kids in Need Resource Center (TCKINRC).

TCKINRC provides students in need with the essential school supplies needed to promote learning and excellence in the classroom. The Kids in Need Foundation works with schools facing high poverty rates in St. Paul and Minneapolis by providing eligible teachers the opportunity to select supplies at their free store.

Last year alone, the Kids in Need Foundation helped 200,000 teachers and 6.2 million students! In its 23 years of operation, it has distributed more than $900 million in school supplies to kids who would otherwise go without. PMG is proud to support such an amazing organization. If you are also interested in offering support, visit their website to learn more!

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PMG Leadership recognizes we need to have happy and healthy employees in order to meet our company goals. Last year, PMG rolled out a Wellness Program which gives each employee a monthly allowance to go towards any wellness activity in the following categories: physical/mental, career, social, community or financial.

Some great examples of ways current employees utilize this program are as follows; gym memberships, counseling, nutritionist, chiropractor, networking groups, book clubs, sports teams, volunteer events, free Little Library construction, financial advisor, estate/will planning and so much more! This is a great benefit and we encourage every employee to take advantage and sign up!

In addition to a monthly allowance, PMG also gives each employee a Fitbit. This Fitbit is used for healthy competition around the office and to promote activity in-and outside the workplace.  For example, our most recent competition was based on who could get the most steps in Q2. This quarter alone our office walked 8,420,929 steps! We had 6 team members that walked over 500,000 steps.

Our two winners are Kathy, who walked 1,083,981 steps and Wally, who walked 1,018,969 steps! Congratulations to you both!

PMG has seen fantastic results from the implementation of the wellness program. Studies show that promoting work-life balance increases retention rates and productivity of employees. The wellness program has also increased employee engagement. For Q3 the office is competing together in a new step challenge. Since Minnesota is the home of 11,842 lakes, each team member has a daily step goal of 11,842 and 30 active minutes per day. Let the walking begin!