Flex Trades

Technician Training
Reimbursement Program

Here’s how the
program works…


Technician must be eligible to deploy with FlexTrades and/or deployed with FlexTrades and in good standing.

Technician is eligible to apply for reimbursement after completing the first two-weeks of an active FlexTrades Assignment.

Applications must be submitted within 30 days of training completion to be eligible for reimbursement.

Training must be completed at an accredited institution or private or public training institution.


Master Techs – skilled trades. Numerous years of experience with multiple clients across many industries.


Manufacturing Techs – semi-skilled operators with multiple years of experience across many industries


ReTool Techs – technical school or military graduates with degrees and/or relevant skills based education.

Technician Side: Most projects are 2 to 6 months in length. Although we do not hold you contractually to a minimum or maximum project length, we do ask that you consider your true need and determine the length of time that will add the most value to your project.


Client Side: Our projects generally last between 2 and 6 months. We ask for a minimum commitment, which can be extended, if the opportunity is available. Or technicians can choose to move on to the next project.

In the event you need technicians longer than their minimum commitment, FlexTrades offers onsite technicians the opportunity to extend their commitment on that project. If any technicians do not wish to extend their commitment, FlexTrades will work to fill the opening with an equally qualified technician.

In the event that a FlexTrades Technician is unable or not qualified to perform his/her assigned job duties, he/she will be released from the project and a more suitable In the event that a FlexTrades Technician will be assigned as a replacement. Our technicians typically only need a 1-2 week ramp-up time with adequate orientation. Additionally, we do request that our clients maintain consistent communication with our Project Manager to ensure that all parties are aware of any concerns.

Mileage in, at the start of the project, and mileage out, at the end of project, are paid to the technician.

FlexTrades Training
Reimbursement Application

Please fill out the form below to submit your application for FlexTrades’ Training Reimbursement Program.




Please upload the following documents prior to submitting this form.

    Date Completed

    Course Outline

    Certificate(s) Earned If Applicable

    Receipt / Invoice of Tuition Paid

    Disclaimer: Applications must be submitted within 30 days of training completion to be eligible for reimbursement. Program details, along with proof of completion and payment of tuition cost must be provided. Training reimbursement will be disbursed at $250 per week over the first eight weeks of a FlexTrades project after training is completed and application is approved. Any missing information or attachments may result in delay or denial of your reimbursement request.