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World-Class Engineering Support

Engineering Services

FlexTrades has a traveling workforce of highly skilled Engineers who provide a wide range of engineering support services that include, but are not limited to, Industrial Engineers, Quality Engineers, Tooling Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Project Engineers, Design Engineers, Process Engineers and Electrical Engineers.

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The FlexTrades Solution

FlexTrades helps companies address gaps in projects, local skillsets and peak seasons by rapidly deploying our highly skilled Engineers.

We provide companies targeted, customized solutions to meet project challenges and deadlines. Our experienced Engineers make an immediate impact on your projects and improve your bottom line.

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Why Choose FlexTrades?

FlexTrades’ Engineers come with several years of hands-on experience and have highly diverse, technical backgrounds. Our Engineers are masters of their craft. Ranging from 5-35 years of experience, our Engineers can easily assess the situation and start to bring immediate value.

A common trait with FlexTrades’ Engineers is their love of sharing knowledge with others. Our clients benefit from having our Engineers manage their projects and share their expertise with the permanent staff, which adds invaluable career development to your employees.

Engineering Case Study

Keep Up With Customer Demand

A client in the fabricated metal parts manufacturing industry was experiencing unprecedented customer demand coupled with the recent retirement of a fulltime Tooling Engineer. With high demand and a tight local labor market, they were confronted with the very real possibility of failing to deliver on estimated timelines for the design and validation of 20 new tools. With our help and the skilled work of our experienced Tooling Engineers, our client was able to meet all of its customer demands and timelines while being able to support and work on projects slated for later dates.