Production Solutions

FlexTrades is your go-to partner in addressing production gaps, backlogs,
peak season, large orders and production crises.
Welder technician helping move production along
Female machinist in factory helping keep production going

Get the Manufacturing
Support You Need


Our traveling workforce includes highly skilled trades people experienced in every area of manufacturing and production. No project is too big or too small. FlexTrades’ team of Technicians can deploy as quickly as you need! Contact our team today to learn more.


FlexTrades helps companies with engineering support services. We provide companies targeted, customized solutions to meet project challenges and deadlines. Our experienced Engineers make an immediate impact on your projects and improve your bottom line.

Our Broad Skillset

This is a world of specialists, and that goes double for the skilled trades. We have a wide variety of skilled technicians with expertise in everything from foundry work to CMM Programming. If there’s a skill your manufacturing facility needs, we’re your partner. See the full list of our available technicians here.

Manufacturing Case Study

Ramp Up Your Team’s Production

A client of FlexTrades in the aerospace product and parts manufacturing industry was faced with a $3M backlog. It was estimated that it would take 3-4 months to work through that backlog, but FlexTrades’ Machinists came in and hit the ground running, contributing to finishing the work in just seven (7) weeks.