Flex Trades


We make bridging the skills gap a breeze!

The FlexTrades Difference

Unique Career Opportunities

Rather than settle for the work in your local market, we can put you to work where your skills are most in demand. (better work and better pay)

National Talent

We can leverage our nationwide workforce to find you the right talent to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Project Management

We manage your pay, logistics, on-site needs, and travel and lodging costs directly. We handle the details to make it easy for you to just show up and focus on your project.

Technical Discovery Process

Our in-house technical expertise and proven-out processes ensure we always gather the necessary information to deploy the right talent for our clients’ needs.

Recruiting Model

Every FlexTrades’ Technician has a dedicated recruiter striving to match them with projects that set them up for prolonged success.

Unmatched Business
Development Method

The depth of experience across our Client Solutions Team is peerless in the industry and evidenced in every interaction with clients, prospects and candidates.

Industry-Leading Support Staff

More than spreadsheets, the dedicated, detail-oriented members of our back-office teams work tirelessly to make sure we don’t miss a thing in delivering creative solutions for our clients, employees, and partners.

Unique Vetting Process

FlexTrades does everything in its power to ensure that our skilled Technicians and Engineers possess the right education, tools, training material and experience necessary to help ensure amazing results for our clients.