FlexTrades is renowned for exceeding expectations, and our tradespeople embody this ethos in every project!

Our commitment to addressing complex production challenges was recently showcased when we collaborated with a top agricultural equipment manufacturer. They had been facing significant difficulties for six months in recruiting onsite trainers with the necessary expertise, adversely affecting their production quality and leading to severe backlogs. Within just 10 days, FlexTrades was able to make a pivotal difference. We deployed Dustin, our exceptionally skilled CNC Trainer, who swiftly addressed their critical need for a proficient trainer.

The impact of Dustin’s involvement was significant, as articulated by our client: “Dustin went above and beyond, not only providing comprehensive wiring instructions for our machinery but also optimizing the work cell setup. He collaborated with our vendors to source superior tools for our operators and significantly improved the work area. This has greatly facilitated the training of new employees and enhanced overall productivity.” This feedback exemplifies the high standard of service and expertise that FlexTrades brings to every partnership.