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FlexTrades provides project-based workforce solutions for companies with U.S. based facilities involved in manufacturing.


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FlexTrades’ ReTool department is committed to providing entry-level talent to our clients who are looking for highly motivated and well educated individuals who want to jumpstart their careers.


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partner in agriculture production diesel mechanic

Boost Production

FlexTrades has partnered with a global leader in the agricultural, construction and large vehicle industry for more than 10 years. We’ve deployed hundreds of technicians to many of this client’s facilities across the United States when they faced labor shortages, high levels of demand, or large backlogs. FlexTrades’ Technicians have added value and increased this client’s production abilities by providing high levels of skill in welding, assembly, machine operations, fabrication, CNC machining, material handling, paint, and maintenance. As a result, this client relies on FlexTrades when experiencing gaps in production.

Factory worker helping with high demand on the production line

Beat Demand

A large manufacturer in the health & personal hygiene industry was closing a manufacturing facility in one state to move it to another state across the country. Once they announced the closure, they began to see attrition of fulltime employees. When COVID-19 hit, this client experienced increased demand for hand sanitizer and personal hygiene products that their new facility wasn’t equipped to produce and realized their closing facility would be critical to fulfillment. We deployed 70 of our skilled Machine Operators & Process Technicians, allowing them to quickly adjust plans for the closing facility, increase production at that site and meet increased demand.

CNC Machinist working to fill high demand for workers in factory

Prepare for the

One of our Medical Device Manufacturing clients reached out to us with what they called a “crisis” level backlog and an urgent need for 20 machinists to address it. We quickly deployed highly skilled CNC Machinists to their facility. Shortly after a successful start to the project, we created an on-going, strategic plan with this client to support them for all of manufacturing floor positions when backlogs or other unexpected manpower issues occur.

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