Today, September 22nd, is American Businesswomen’s Day! This day was made to honor the women in our workforce and the impact that they have created. Observing this day allows women of many different occupations, cultures, and networks to celebrate one another.  

Here are some ways that you can celebrate the women in our workforce:  

  • Find women owned companies to visit and give them your business!  
  • Network with women in your industry and seek a woman outside of your industry to grow your female business connections.  
  • Listen to a Podcast produced by a woman.  
  • Donate to a local college that has a woman in business club.  
  • Find a women owned nonprofit to donate/volunteer at. Dress For Success is a great organization to investigate.   
  • Encourage your company to partner with a woman in business development group.  
  • Watch this Ted Talk by Diana Nyad, to listen to her story and become reinspired to “Never Give Up”.  

We are proud of the women in our workforce and proud that many women are prominent leaders in their industries. It is no longer uncommon for women to be commanders in the business world and that alone is something worth celebrating!  

Did you know that FlexTrades has an entire behind the scenes safety team!? It’s called “Safety First”. FlexTrades’ #1 priority is to keep our people safe on and off the job!

“Safety matters because you matter” – Brenda Lovitz, FlexTrades’ Safety Manager.

We have been bringing awareness to the importance of staying hydrated. All across the United States the temperatures have been HOT this summer.

Here are some tips on how to stay hydrated:

  • Drink water throughout the day… attempt 8-10 ounces every 1-2 hours. Drinking water at shorter intervals is more effective than drinking large amounts infrequently.
  • If you are working in the heat… you will require more water consumption.
  • Try to avoid… energy drinks, surplus of caffeine, or any alcohol. If you do choose to consume any of these, you will require more water consumption to stay hydrated.
  • Eat regular meals through the day… this will help you retain the salt that you lose when sweating and moving around.
  • Carry a water bottle with you… having this with you will make it easier to drink water.

Infographic about how much water you should drink

Safety First is what FlexTrades Plans, Practices and Prioritizes.


You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! Today, Sunday July 17th, is National ice cream Day! This classic summer treat is a fan favorite. There are a few places that are giving some special deals for customers to celebrate this yummy day! 

Places to Celebrate Ice Cream Day: 

Baskin-Robbins: Offering $5 off any purchase of $15 or more! Use promo code BECOOLER for online orders or scan your app in the store.  


Dairy Queen: Download the DQ app and get $1 off any dipped cone!  


Cold Stone Creamery: Download the app for a sweet surprise & you will get free deliveries on any orders from July 15th– July 17th 


Dippin’ Dots: Giving away free mini cups on July 17th during a two-hour window. Click here to find your nearest Dippin’ Dot location to get your free treat.  


Whole Foods: Now through July 19th, Whole Foods is marking their frozen novelties are 25% off, Amazon Prime members will save an addition 10% off!  


Door Dash: From July 15 to 18, ice cream lovers can get a FREE pint of ice cream on any order totaling $20 or more 


Insomnia Cookies: From July 12th to July 18th, get a FREE scoop of ice cream with any purchase in-store or online! 


Make your own: Click here for an easy at home recipe! 


** Reminder this day is best enjoyed with family and friends sitting outside in the sunshine! Happy Summer! **

Have you had a time when you are with a group of people at dinner and one of your friends can’t seem to put their phone down? It is not a fun situation.  


One time I was sitting at dinner with my dad and had responded to a few text messages. He pointed out that I should be in the moment when I am with him and not worried about my phone. I felt bad, but I was grateful he reminded me that there’s a time to be in the moment, and not tied to my phone. 


In the spirit of national cell phone courtesy month here are a few behaviors to be aware of regarding cell phone use. 


Tips to stay in the moment and courteous of your phone use:  


  1. Turn it on do not disturb. Focus on who you are with or the task at hand. The person you’re with is the priority, not whoever DM’d you the latest viral TikTok video. 
  2. Tuck it away. If your phone is out of sight, you will be less likely to use it. “Out of sight, out of mind” as they say! 
  3. Communicate! If you must use your phone to respond or answer a call, apologize for the interruption.  
  4. Respect the people you are with. Stay involved in the conversation and make sure that you make them feel valued. Remain engaged with the conversation even if you must reply to a quick text from family. 
  5. Keep the noise down. Pay attention to the volume you have your phone on and if it’s appropriate to have calls on speaker or not. Everyone hates watching their favorite TV show next to someone who can’t seem to get off YouTube on their phone. 
  6. Eyes on the road. No phone call, text, or snapchat are as important as your safety! Click here for a refresh on how to practice safe driving with a phone in the vehicle.  

Happy National Postage Stamp Day!

The first postage stamp was used in 1847. Before this, the U.S. mail traveled “postage due. This meant that the recipient of the letter or postcard was the one that had to pay the fee. Now, with the requirement of the U.S. stamp, the person sending the letter, package, or postcard is responsible for the cost.  


July 1, 1847, the day stamps first went on sale. The first two stamps on the market showcased Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.  


The picture above is the newly released U.S. Flag Forever Stamp. These are available for purchase at every post office location.  


Ideas on how to celebrate Postage Stamp Day: 

  • Send someone you know a letter or postcard 
  • Begin a stamp collection 
  • Create your own stamp at
  • Buy a new roll of stamps online at the US Post shop 

Tuesday June 21, 2022 

Happy first official day of summer 2022, this day is also known as Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice will occur at 10:13am. Summer Solstice is when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, and this creates the longest day of the year because it will be light out for the most time on this day. 

This day is a wonderful celebration of the fun to come within these warmer months! 2022 Summer Solstice-First Day of Summer

Here are some ways that you can ring in the Summer!  

 Cheers to the summer months. Take some time to soak up these warm days! I know I will be! 

 Flag Day is a day reserved for honoring the national flag of our country. It is celebrated on June 14th each year in the United States and represents the date in 1777 when the U.S. got approval on the design of the national flag.  

The stars and stripes of our national flag became official on June 14th, 1777, during the Revolutionary War. Each colony had their own flag, but the declaration of independence made it necessary to come together under one united flag to represent our nation. The flag had 13 stripes alternating red and white along with 13 stars on top of the blue area to represent the 13 colonies.  

In 1818, the U.S. congress added new stars to represent each new state that entered the union. Today our flag still has those original 13 red and white stripes along with 50 stars to showcase the 50 states of our nation.  

Teens holding American Flag for Flag Day

The end product here is, of course, greater than the sum of its parts. It stands for freedom and unity for all who fly it, and we here at PMG think that’s pretty great!

PMG wants to take the time to acknowledge and congratulate all the high school and college seniors that are graduating this year!  

I (Bailey) recently graduated from the University of St. Thomas in January and have been working as a marketing associate for PMG since the beginning of February 2022. The adjustment from school to work is not a linear one and can be drastically different from person to person.  

It can be overwhelming to have everything change so quickly. I put together a few tips that have helped me through my transition in hopes that it will help a fellow graduate that is entering the work force!  

  • Be irreplaceable. Show up every day ready to take on your tasks and do them to the best of your ability! 
  • Stay organized. Have a place for each of your items. Create folders and know where all of your information is. 
  • Have a plan. Write out your weekly schedule and include meetings/deadlines.  
  • Ask questions. No matter the question, always ask when you are unsure about something. Seeking to understand is always seen as an admirable trait by those around you. 
  • Get involved. The best way to start to feel comfortable at work is to go to the work events! 
  • Be on time. This is simple but so important. If you aren’t 5 minutes early, you are late. 
  • Authenticity is key. Be yourself and do not be afraid to share your ideas. Managers want to flood their meetings with creative ideas, and they can’t be the only ones dreaming them up. light bulbs cog Idea. plan think analyze creative startup business. illustration creativity modern concept vector.
  • It is okay to make a mistake. There’s an important difference between a mistake and habitual errors. Own up to it and learn from it. Your manager will forgive you.  
  • Bring a good attitude. Keep your mindset positive, and if you are struggling take a 5-minute break. 
  • Take it day by day! Write out your to do’s before you begin each day at work, do not stress about the future.  

Once again congrats on graduating, PMG wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors! If you are looking for work, however, come join our team. Click to visit website 

We know that running is not always everyone’s favorite activity but if you choose to hit the trails, track, or treadmill here is a list of the top running shoes.   

Top Running Shoe brands according to Runner’s World:  

  • Hokas
  • Asics
  • Brooks
  • Nike
  • On Cloud

Top Running Shoes according to Runner’s World:  

Runners’ world tested these running shoes with more than 250 local runners. The test editors used the data to identify the top shoes to wear for the ultimate comfort, performance, and support when running. These shoes would also be stellar for anyone who is on their feet for long intervals of time each day.  

Happy Cinco De Mayo! It is important to remember what this day is all about. celebrating the true Mexican culture. Here are some ideas on how you can immerse yourself! 

  • Head to a local family-owned Mexican Restaurant
  • Listen to Mexican corridos
  • Whip up some homemade guacamole! (Recipe at bottom of the page)
  • Drink a cervezaPacifico Beer 24 pack. Cerveza Pacifico Clara, better known as Pacifico, is a Mexican pilsner-style beer, brewed in in the Pacific Ocean port city of Mazatlan.

What is the meaning behind Cinco De Mayo? It is the holiday celebrated in parts of Mexico and the US in honor of the Military victory that occurred in 1862 over the French forces of Napoleon III. Also referred to as the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. Cinco De Mayo is often mistaken as Mexican Independence Day but that falls on September 16th.  

We hope that you can celebrate the holiday with family and friends! Below is a recipe to get you in the Cinco De Mayo spirit!  

Recipe for Guacamole:


3 Avocados
½ onion, finely chopped
2 Roma tomatoes diced
3 tbs freshly chopped cilantro
1 jalapeno pepper, seeds removed & finely chopped
2 garlic cloves minced
1 lime juiced
½ tsp salt

Directions: Cut and peel avocados. Mash them in a bowl and then add the rest of the ingredients. Stir and serve with fresh vegetables & tortilla chips!