FlexTrades collaborated with a manufacturer specializing in medical disposables used extensively in hospitals, encompassing a range of products such as IV kits, tubing, connectors, valves, and pumps. Our client faced a unique set of challenges, including a surge in demand driven by the pandemic, the retirement of highly skilled employees, and a localized talent scarcity resulting from economic uncertainty.

Operating within the confines of stringent FDA regulations, our client adhered to a comprehensive set of high-level injection molding practices, which included various aspects of RJG (RJG scientific molding, systematic molding, master molding, eDART). In a true partnership, FlexTrades stepped in, providing invaluable support with a team comprising 2 Mold Process Engineers, 1 Extrusion Engineer, 2 Mold Makers, and 1 Mold Process and Setup Technician. Remarkably, considering the scarcity of these specialized skills in the market, our client agreed to forgo the prerequisite for technicians and engineers to possess prior experience with RJG concepts.

As a consequence of this collaboration (in a particularly challenging market environment), FlexTrades efficiently addressed our client’s staffing requirements, deploying highly skilled technicians within a remarkable timeframe of 27 days. Subsequent feedback from our client regarding the technicians was overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as, “It was a pleasure having them here. They were exceptional collaborators who possessed deep knowledge of injection molding. Their presence will be sincerely missed.”

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