Recently, FlexTrades was recognized with a ‘Risk Control Award of Merit.’ Companies receiving this recognition account for only the top 25% of all businesses considered. Grading was applied for critical statistics such as loss frequency, and loss severity, in addition to proactive measures taken by participants to reduce risks within facilities and maintain the safety of all employees.

FlexTrades is honored by this recognition and proud of the way it reflects on how our company constantly champions a safety-first culture in manufacturing. This unwavering commitment is integral to our efforts to move the line in American manufacturing while being amazing partners for our employees and clients every day.

“I’m incredibly proud of our team for receiving this recognition and continuing to move the line by providing as safe of a workplace as possible for our technicians. This could not have been achieved without the efforts of all of our different operational teams, led by our safety team, to establish best practices for screening, training, communicating and managing safety risks and expectations,” said Amy Grussing, FlexTrades’ CEO. “I hope this award helps demonstrates to our clients, prospective clients and the industry at large our commitment to bringing the highest level of safety to their work sites and our partnerships.”