Hey there, FlexTraders! Caught in a different city during the Super Bowl because of your latest contract gig? No worries! We have got you covered with the ultimate guide to enjoying the big game, no matter where your work has taken you. From high-tech solutions to local hangouts, we’re here to turn your remote Super Bowl experience into a touchdown celebration.

1. Mobile Mania: Your Pocket-Sized Stadium

Imagine this: You’re on a rooftop deck, the city skyline glittering in the background and the Super Bowl is playing right in your hand. That’s the magic of modern technology for tradespeople on the move. With apps like NFL MobileESPNCBS and various streaming services, you won’t miss a single play. Pro tip: Bring along a wireless speaker to turn your solo viewing into a surround-sound spectacle. And don’t forget that portable charger – a dead phone at halftime is a rookie mistake.

2. Game Day at the Local Bar: Cheers with Peers

Picture yourself walking into a buzzing local bar, decked out in your favorite team’s colors. The air is electric with anticipation and screens are all around showcasing pre-game excitement. This is where you, a tradesperson away from home, find your Super Bowl tribe. You strike up conversations with fellow football fans, a few locals and some out-of-towners. The bar’s Super Bowl specials are irresistible – think wings with a dozen flavors, exclusive brews and even themed cocktails named after star players. Every touchdown is a communal moment of joy, every referee call a topic of animated debate. This isn’t just watching a game. It’s experiencing a slice of football culture while making new friends and, perhaps, starting new game-day traditions.

3. Themed Accommodations: Live the Super Bowl Dream

Your hotel room or Airbnb transforms into a mini football sanctuary. Themed accommodations are a hidden gem for the travelling tradesperson. Imagine lounging in a room adorned with posters of football legends, a mini-fridge stocked with game-day snacks and a bedspread emblazoned with your favorite team’s logo. Some places even offer a small library of classic Super Bowl matches to get you in the spirit. It’s like a mini museum and a fan cave rolled into one, offering a unique way to immerse yourself in the football fever.

4. Virtual Watch Parties: Share the Thrill

Now, let’s bring the warmth of home to your remote location. You set up your laptop, and there on the screen are your family, friends or fellow tradespeople, all geared up in their game-day best. You’re miles apart, but the shared excitement over a virtual watch party makes it feel like you’re all in the same living room. You cheer together, groan at missed opportunities and debate calls in real-time. It’s a digital huddle, bringing together loved ones and colleagues. This virtual gathering is more than just watching a game; it’s about maintaining connections, sharing experiences and building memories, all while enjoying the thrill of the Super Bowl.

5. Tailgate from Afar: The Flavor of the Game

No need to miss out on the tailgating tradition. You turn your temporary residence into a culinary stadium. It’s game day, and the aroma of grilled burgers and hotdogs fills the air. You’ve got the chips and dips spread out, and maybe even some local delicacies you’ve discovered on your travels. It’s a fusion of the classic Super Bowl fare with a twist of local flavor. You take a bite, and suddenly, the game isn’t the only thing you’re savoring – it’s the entire experience, from the food to the atmosphere, making this Super Bowl one to remember.


Being on contract doesn’t mean missing out on one of America’s greatest sporting events. With a bit of creativity and the spirit of adventure, tradespeople can turn their Super Bowl experience into something truly special, no matter where they are. It’s about embracing the moment, finding joy in new experiences and, of course, enjoying the game. So, wherever you are this Super Bowl Sunday, make it memorable. After all, it’s not just a game… it’s an experience!