It’s September, folks. You know what that means? Yes, it means your kids are finally going back to school, but it is also National Pet Insurance month! You may be shocked that pet insurance is prevalent enough to warrant its own month of celebration. According to a recent article in Forbes, there are over eighty million dogs and over sixty million cats in the United States.  

Most companies offer health insurance to their full-time workforce and extend that benefit to significant others and even children. But what about four-legged children and their bills? The more prominent costs, at least for me, include fun toys and tasty treats because my pets are incredibly spoiled. However, the concern that loomed above all others was the pawsibility of one of my fur babies falling victim to serious illness or injury. When my bichon-poo mix Gipsy Danger wasn’t eating and lethargic with a serious cough at 3 months old, it cost over $500 at the emergency veterinary clinic to diagnose and treat her kennel cough. I was, of course, relieved to be able to get her the care she needed, but that bill still stung quite a bit. Had she been insured with Nationwide Pet Insurance at that time, 70% of her total bill would have been reimbursed to me. They even have direct deposit! 

Now, my two cats and pupper are all covered under Nationwide Pet Insurance. Coverage includes a portion of everything from routine visits and vaccines to emergencies. It may be a bit pricier than some of their competitors, but the comprehensive coverage more than makes up for it. Not to mention the easy-to-use app that allows you to access benefits and submit claims within minutes. And did I mention they have direct deposit?! 

A recent study done by Pew Research identified that a staggering 97% of pet owners consider their animals as members of the family – rightly so – with 51% ranking their furry family on the same level as their human ones. If that’s true, it only makes sense to insure your four legged family as much as your two legged ones.  

At FlexTrades, we take pride in supporting our employees’ passion for animals. Our commitment to their well-being goes beyond offering pet insurance as part of our benefits package. We understand that pets bring immense joy to our lives and are an integral part of many families. In this article, we celebrate National Dog Day by sharing some heartwarming stories about our favorite furry friends and how they’ve enriched our lives.

Meet Nevada:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades

In April 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, we welcomed Nevada (Ada) into our family. She’s often referred to as a “pandemic puppy” because she’s become accustomed to having her family around. Ada adores boat rides and treats from Starbucks. You can catch glimpses of her adventures on Instagram here.

– Bree S., LD Recruiter 

Introducing Tucker:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (1)

Tucker, who will turn 11 in October, is proof that age is just a number. He’s a bundle of energy and enjoys playing fetch, going for walks, and spending hours by the shoreline, watching for fish. Sometimes, while I’m working, he lays under my desk and peeks out to keep an eye on me.

– Kathy M., Lead Gen & Sales Enablement Manager

Bruno’s Tale:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (2)

Meet Bruno, my loyal furry companion. We share a special connection as we were both born on the same day. It’s a simple but meaningful bond.

– Terrena J., Administrative Manager

Penny’s Story:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (3)

Penny is a rescue dog who entered my life last summer, bringing immense joy. She may have just one tooth, but her favorite toy is a squeaky, stuffed “White Paw” can.

– Colleen B., Lead Generation Associate

Gretchen’s Impact:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (4)

Until a few years ago, I wasn’t particularly fond of dogs. However, my husband and kids managed to persuade me to consider getting a dog. That’s when we found Gretchen, a wonderful border terrier/chihuahua mix, and it changed our lives. She’s our therapy dog, exercise buddy, and source of endless affection. Gretchen even led me to safety after a fall into a river – a story that bonded us forever.

– Elizabeth B., Human Resources Manager

Casey’s Journey:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (5)

Despite swearing never to have a pet at home, our family decided to adopt Casey. The decision not only brought a dog into our lives but also led to a major move from the Twin Cities to North Dakota. Casey is more than a pet; she’s an essential family member who brightens our days with long walks and unconditional love.

– Kim M., Technical Manager & Coach

Sindri & Loki’s Tale:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (6)

As someone who grew up on a farm and continues to run one, I’ve always had dogs. I expect a lot from them, from hunting and herding to being great family members. In almost 40 years, Loki stands out as extra special. He’s a remarkable Heeler/Brittany mix who taught me countless life lessons. Then came Sindri, a Tri-Collie/Terrier mix, who enriched our lives further.

– Josh E., ReTool PR & Engagement Specialist

FlexTrades acknowledges the incredible bonds we share with our furry companions and the profound impact they have on our lives. We’re proud to have a team that cares deeply for their pets and understands the importance of celebrating these incredible animals on National Dog Day. They teach us patience, loyalty, and unconditional love. We invite you to explore more stories from our FlexTrades family and their cherished pets. If you’re considering adopting a dog, don’t hesitate. Your forever friend is waiting to join your journey.

We want to emphasize how pets are a valued part of our FlexTrades family! Many of our technicians travel across the United States to various project assignments, and to show our appreciation for our furry friends, we even offer Pet Insurance as part of our benefits package. There’s no denying that pets bring a lot of joy into our lives, and we take every opportunity to celebrate their presence.

In June, we observed National Adopt a Cat Month, and it’s remarkable how adoption can be a fantastic way to add a new, four-legged member to any family. To get more insights into the heartwarming stories of our team’s cat adoptions, we’ve turned to our in-house feline aficionados to share their experiences with adoption and why it’s so special.

Patty & Paul

FlexTrades National Adopt a Cat Month

One of our team members chose to adopt their cats, Patty and Paul, due to the significant overpopulation of cats. They adopted from a shelter run by a dedicated woman inside her home who relies on donations and adoptions to keep it running. This shelter has never turned away a single cat and has given a chance to many cats that most other shelters might have put down. Cats have a reputation compared to dogs, but this team member’s experience with them has been nothing but positive. They encourage everyone to give cats a chance, emphasizing the need for adoption.

Lady Phillis Butters Hepburn Roberts

FlexTrades National Adopt a Cat Month

Another team member shared their story of adopting Lady Phillis Butters Hepburn Roberts, also known as Butters. The decision to adopt Butters was somewhat spontaneous. When they set out to adopt a cat, they found that many shelters were closed in Utah on Sundays. They turned to PetCo, which was open, and there they found Butters. It was love at first sight, as Butters immediately showed affection and jumped onto their shoulders, as if saying, “I’m coming home with you.” Butters has been with them for seven years now, bringing joy with her playful and affectionate nature.

Sugar & Spice

FlexTrades National Adopt a Cat Month (1)

This pair of 8-year-old littermates, Sugar and Spice, found a loving home through a heartwarming story of rescue. A friend reached out to our team member over seven years ago after a young couple was evicted from their apartment building, leaving behind a young male kitten. As they headed to the scene, they discovered not just the male kitten but also his younger sister. Both were in the parking lot, and it was clear they needed a loving home. These kittens became part of the family, and they have been cherished family members ever since. In this case, our team member didn’t adopt from a shelter, but they still consider it adoption. They’ve always chosen to adopt animals to provide them with a home in their time of need.

Chaz & Marley

FlexTrades National Adopt a Cat Month (2)

Chaz and Marley, two beloved cats, were adopted from the Golden Valley Humane Society. Our team member intentionally chose to adopt cats that had been in the shelter for a longer period. This act of adoption was driven by the desire to offer a loving home to cats who needed one. Their commitment to adoption helped these cats find a forever home, and they have been cherished family members since then.


FlexTrades National Adopt a Cat Month (3)

Meet Arya, an adorable kitten adopted from a shelter. Arya has become an integral part of our team member’s family, bringing joy, playfulness, and a sense of adventure to their home. Arya’s presence has enriched their family life, and they couldn’t imagine their home without her.

Bob Cat

FlexTrades National Adopt a Cat Month (4)

Bob Cat’s story is a testament to the bond that can form through rescue. He was discovered along a freeway, abandoned by his previous owner. He took refuge in a shed to survive a harsh Minnesota winter and was found by our team member when they opened the shed for the spring. Bob Cat showed an immediate affection for people and connected with our team member. He was brought home, cared for, and became an important member of the family. Bob Cat played a vital role in teaching important life lessons to both humans and other animals in the household.


FlexTrades National Adopt a Cat Month (5)

Georgia’s story is one of compassion and kindness. She was found roaming an alley in North Minneapolis, appearing malnourished and in distress. Our team member came to her rescue and provided her with a loving forever home. They highlight the importance of adopting animals, noting that it not only brings a new friend into your life but also creates space in shelters for other animals seeking a loving family.

At FlexTrades, we understand the significance of adoption and the positive impact it has on the lives of both animals and their human companions. Our team members’ stories exemplify the love and joy that come from adopting cats and providing them with forever homes. We celebrate these heartwarming adoption stories and encourage everyone to consider adoption when welcoming a new pet into their lives.