On Saturday, September 5, we celebrate International Day of Charity.  This celebration began in Hungary to commemorate Mother Theresa’s death in 1997. It was declared an international holiday by the UN in 2012, honoring Mother Theresa’s years of service to the poor and suffering.  According to NationalToday.com, “overall, the day reminds us that simple acts of charity can alleviate the worst effects of humanitarian crisis and create more inclusive and resilient societies.”

I’ve been lucky in my professional career to work for organizations that understand the value of doing something good for others.  Whether that good meant a donation of:

  • Cash
  • School supplies for under privileged children
  • Pajamas for children in hospitals
  • Blood drives for people in need
  • A soup bowl passed across a counter to a homeless person, or
  • An exhilarating jump into a frozen lake.

No matter how we’ve donated, we’ve been able to make an impact because we’re working together.  Not to say that a single donation doesn’t make a difference, but when we work together and make charity a natural part of our company culture, giving is easier.

At PMG, we have greater access to the opportunity of giving because our leadership has such generous hearts. As more and more people get involved, our gifts get bigger, every single time.  For that one person who can only afford to donate $5, it easily turns into $500 or $2,000 because no gift is too small.

A few fun facts about giving according to NationalToday.com:

  • Historically, we give more in the month of December
  • Australia is the most charitable county on Earth
  • Women are more likely to give than men
  • On average, a US donor is 62 years of age

No matter the facts or where you fall in those statistics, experience the joy of doing something good for someone else.  You’ll feel amazing afterwards.

Want to read more about PMG’s recent charitable initiatives? Read about our involvement with FamilyWise, KINMN, Sweet Dreams for Kids and the Polar Plunge.

Beth Bangtson, HR Manager