The term “Fear Of Missing Out” or “FOMO” was coined two decades ago by author Patrick McGinnis. Most of us can relate to this feeling – we don’t want to miss out on new opportunities, exciting experiences, valuable information or meeting someone new. With smart phones and social media, it’s become easy to get constant updates from our friends and family, and we may fear not being in-the-know.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to miss out occasionally, like getting sick, bad weather or natural disasters. But don’t get FOMO because you’re stuck in the office late at night trying to find the right candidate in a dry local market. Instead, choose FOMO 2.0: FlexTrades Over Missing Out!


Did your company miss out on a big contract because you didn’t have enough CNC Operators to complete the order? We have exceptional CNC Machinists, even trainers like Dustin, ready to travel anywhere in the US. Don’t let training be the reason you miss out on business, choose FlexTrades Over Missing Out!


Did you miss Monday Night Football because you were trying to find a highly skilled Multi-Craft Maintenance Technician?  Whether you need help with machinery maintenance or general facility maintenance, we can help. Contact us and choose FlexTrades Over Missing Out!

PLC Programmers

Are you struggling to find a PLC Programmer for the new production cell you need running next month? Let us fill that gap for you today. Our technicians will travel anywhere in the US and will get you set up quickly. Check out our website and choose FlexTrades Over Missing Out!

A&P Maintenance, Assembly And Inspection

Did you miss your kid’s performance at school because you had to spend the weekend trying to fill 50 A&P Mechanic positions for a government contract? Our technicians regularly exceed expectations and help companies improve productivity. Don’t pass on a juicy contract because you can’t find local labor, choose FlexTrades Over Missing Out!

Any Position, Common or Niche

Have you missed family dinners because you just can’t find the right talent? Our bench of skilled technicians is wide and deep. Whether you need a few highly skilled engineers, a dozen motivated welders, or you have a single niche position, we can help. Let us tip the scales of your work-life-balance, choose FlexTrades Over Missing Out!


Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how to stop a blizzard or hurricane from causing you to miss out on something. But if you choose FlexTrades Over Missing Out, you may be able to close your work computer and enjoy the things you love.