The winter season up north may conjure images of icy roads and cold temperatures, but for FlexTrades’ Technicians, it presents a unique set of advantages. These advantages stem from the increased demand for winter-related products and the specialized skills required to meet the needs of the season. In this article, we’ll explore why FlexTrades Technicians should consider going on assignment up north during the winter months.

Increased Demand for Winter Products

Winter brings a surge in demand for items such as snowmobiles, winter clothing, and heating equipment. Manufacturing facilities up north ramp up production to meet this demand, creating numerous opportunities for FlexTrades Technicians.

Seasonal Spikes & Overtime Pay

Orders and demand tend to spike during the winter months for many manufacturing employers in northern regions. Generally, these spikes result in increased opportunities to work overtime hours (at increased payrates). This can substantially boost your per-project income, making it an economically advantageous choice for FlexTrades Technicians.

Stable Employment

Industries like agriculture or tourism often experience significant seasonal variation, but the manufacturing sector in northern regions tends to maintain more stable employment throughout the year. FlexTrades Technicians can rely on manufacturing jobs as a consistent source of income during the winter months.

Comfortable Indoor Facilities

Modern manufacturing facilities up north are equipped with well-insulated and heated indoor environments. This means that FlexTrades Technicians can work comfortably and safely, even in harsh winter conditions.

Skills Development

Winter manufacturing jobs often require specialized skills, such as working with cold-weather materials or winterizing products. FlexTrades Technicians can gain valuable experience and expertise in these areas, thus enhancing their skillset and gearing them up for future projects.

Networking Opportunities

Working up north during the winter season provides FlexTrades Technicians with opportunities to connect with industry professionals specializing in cold-weather manufacturing. These connections can be valuable for future projects and collaborations.

Adventure & Exploration

For those who enjoy winter sports and outdoor activities, working up north during the winter can be an opportunity to explore and experience the region’s unique winter culture and recreational opportunities during downtime.

Personal Growth

FlexTrades Technicians who embrace the challenges of working up north during the winter can develop valuable personal attributes such as resilience, adaptability, and the ability to thrive in diverse environments. These skills can be beneficial for both personal and professional growth.

Financial Security

The combination of higher pay rates, bonuses, and the potential for year-round employment can provide FlexTrades Technicians with financial security. This stability allows them to save, invest, or plan for their future with confidence.

The winter season up north offers FlexTrades Technicians a range of advantages, from increased income and job stability to skill development and personal growth. While it’s important to consider personal preferences and family commitments, working up north during the winter can be a rewarding choice for those seeking unique career opportunities and experiences in the world of manufacturing.