We’re free .

What an interesting concept. 
We choose where we step foot, 
Our identities draped in linens ,
Our hobbies prancing through the air. 
We sit at our desks 
Falling into the rhythm of each mechanical clicking key. 

We gather with loved ones 
Pondering today’s status as the sun greets our skin with infinite warmth. 
The grill hisses with anticipation 
As the wind guides us. 
While the burgers sing
Laughter fills the air. 

Then, we remember 
All of those before us, 
Fighting invisible forces ,
Dreaming of a future 
Driven by love. 

We remember 
Our family and friends 
Filled with bravery as they left what they knew 
To fight for the unknown. 
We remember the lives 
That gave the ultimate sacrifice. 
We remember the families, 
Healing from loss ,
Celebrating each return. 

We remember we are free. 
They gave us this reality, 
Shaped by their care. 

We remember.

Most importantly, 
We are thankful. 

Thanks to you, 

We are free.