Hitting the road to work for FlexTrades is exciting! Whether you do it for the great pay, to work with the top names in manufacturing, to see the country, or any other reason, you’ll be staying in lodging on our dime. But what can you expect when you arrive at your hotel?

This blog is all about your home away from home. We’ll explore what makes FlexTrades’ lodging arrangements different and how they can help you thrive during your extended work trips. 

Spacious Comfort

While many companies cram you into a standard hotel room, FlexTrades prioritizes your well-being. Wherever possible, we book extended stay suites.  These offer more than just a bed for the night. Imagine having a separate living area to relax in after a long day.  Think comfy couch, work desk, and maybe even a balcony – a perfect spot to unwind and maybe catch your favorite sports team. And all lodging is single occupancy, meaning you’ll never have a roommate either!

The Kitchen Advantage

One of the biggest perks of an extended stay suite is the ensuite kitchen. Who wants to eat out every night, racking up expenses and missing the comfort of home-cooked meals?  Typically, extended stay suites come with a full refrigerator, a stove/range, and a microwave. Many even come with flatware and utensils that you can use. It’s a great way to save money and maybe even explore the city’s farmers markets for fresh ingredients.

Welcoming More Than Just You

You don’t need to put your social life on hold while on assignment. Whether you want to travel with your significant other, or you want a friend to visit for a week, we’ve got you covered! This can be a great way to maintain a sense of normalcy while away from home and enjoy some downtime together after a busy workday. If you coordinate with your recruiter, you can even bring your furry friend to stay with you!

Skip the Hassle, FlexTrades Has You Covered

Finding lodging on your own while traveling for work can be a huge hassle. Many companies offer a per diem allowance to cover your expenses, but that often means spending your precious personal time scouring travel websites and comparing prices.  Wouldn’t you rather be focusing on unwinding or spending time with loved ones?

At FlexTrades, we take the burden of finding a place to stay off your shoulders.  We handle all the travel arrangements, including booking your lodging. Your accommodation is waiting for you when you arrive, so you can focus on what matters – getting settled in and preparing for a successful assignment.

So, the next time you pack your bags for a FlexTrades assignment, travel with confidence. Your home away from home awaits!

In future posts in the FlexTrades travel series, we’ll delve deeper into helpful tips for making the most of your extended stay suite, exploring the local area around your project site, and managing your well-being on the road. Stay tuned!