The surge in demand and the implementation of a new system prompted the need for FlexTrades’ skilled workforce.

One of our clients in the plastic manufacturing sector, serving the food and packaging industry, was grappling with delayed shipments. This was primarily due to the introduction of a new warehouse management system at all their facilities nationwide. Their in-house staff couldn’t keep up with the increased workload, causing difficulties in meeting delivery deadlines. In response, we swiftly dispatched over 60 FlexTrades forklift and material handlers to several of their facilities across the country. Our adept technicians seamlessly integrated into the workflow, surpassing our client’s expectations by achieving warehouse goals more efficiently than anticipated. Notably, our technicians demonstrated flexibility by relocating to different facilities as the need arose, even if it required traveling to another state.

The positive outcome led to ongoing collaboration, with our client consistently redeploying our technicians. To date, we’ve deployed over 200 technicians to 15 of their sites nationwide, effectively addressing production gaps.

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