Today, September 22nd, is American Businesswomen’s Day! This day was made to honor the women in our workforce and the impact that they have created. Observing this day allows women of many different occupations, cultures, and networks to celebrate one another.  

Here are some ways that you can celebrate the women in our workforce:  

  • Find women owned companies to visit and give them your business!  
  • Network with women in your industry and seek a woman outside of your industry to grow your female business connections.  
  • Listen to a Podcast produced by a woman.  
  • Donate to a local college that has a woman in business club.  
  • Find a women owned nonprofit to donate/volunteer at. Dress For Success is a great organization to investigate.   
  • Encourage your company to partner with a woman in business development group.  
  • Watch this Ted Talk by Diana Nyad, to listen to her story and become reinspired to “Never Give Up”.  

We are proud of the women in our workforce and proud that many women are prominent leaders in their industries. It is no longer uncommon for women to be commanders in the business world and that alone is something worth celebrating!