Passwords. Just the thought of having to change one makes me nostalgic. Some of my passwords have been with me for over a decade. That’s longer than I’ve been at any one employer. It’s longer than some of my relationships. For goodness sake, my passwords are older than my middle-school-aged children.

If you’re like me, you know you’re not supposed to be writing your passwords down, but you also know that losing your password means being locked out of your favorite social media site or your favorite on-line shopping site until the end of eternity – you can’t risk that! Or can you?

Cyber security has become more of a risk than ever before and you can help slow the attacks by using unique passwords and finding a way to manage your passwords that doesn’t include a post-it-note on your computer monitor (don’t laugh, we all know those people).

As we celebrate World Password Day, I hope you consider moving on from that decades-old password and finding a new love; maybe one with a $@%! and a number or two thrown in for good measure. Turning Password1 into P@ssw0rd! could make all the difference.

Beth Bangtson, HR Manager