Spice up your retirement!

A recent study showed that the average age to retire is 61 years old, and the average life expectancy is expected to grow. This is wonderful news! But what will you do for those years of your life? After the initial relaxation and leisure of retirement becomes boring, part time work might be the right answer!

Benefits of Working During Retirement:

  • Stay Young – Being social and making new connections has been shown to keep you all around healthy, both mentally and physically.
  • Pursue a Passion – It’s common that the work we do is not always for our enjoyment. When you retire, it is the perfect time to explore working part time with something new that you’re interested in.
  • Find Your Purpose – Look into working with a company or organization part time that will help you feel fulfilled and avoid any boredom that can come when retiring.
  • Increase Savings & Accumulated Interest – By working you may avoid taking money out of your savings and maybe even grow it. This will help you live comfortably for a long time.
  • Health Insurance – Most part time jobs will come with the benefits of Health Insurance. This will help retirees who are younger than 65 years of age.
  • Set Your Schedule – You get to decide how much you want to work. This is where PMG is a great option. We offer extended part time work (ranging from 3-6months). The flexibility allows you to take a job and then take as many months off as you want for leisure.


Come Find Your Purpose!

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Bailey Braccini, Marketing Associate