Who Is PMG?

We get the question “Who Is PMG?” frequently and depending upon who you ask (or when) there is a short answer and a long answer. Before we get into that, you should know the idea of PMG started first and foremost as a solution. Our Principal recognized early on that there were not only skills and production gaps in manufacturing but also gaps in the solutions for these issues. Thus, came PMG!

Now, onto who we are.

The Short Answer

PMG is a manufacturing solutions company who mobilizes its nationwide team of highly-skilled, traveling technicians to rapidly boost output at manufacturers with skill-based production gaps.

The Long Answer

PMG is a manufacturing solutions company who brings 30 years of service to the manufacturing industry. By mobilizing our nationwide team of highly skilled traveling technicians to manufacturing facilities across the US, we help manufacturers and the overall supply chain deliver products to consumers and companies across the nation!

Yes, you read that right! 30 years of service and experience and that’s what makes us really good at what we do. However, we don’t stop there. Although 30 years makes us really good at what we do, we know we can always do a little more.

Here at PMG, our mission and goals are best summarized as:   

  • Growth – We value personal growth and development for our employees, as well as achieving consistent growth by partnering with our clients to help them achieve their production goals.
  • Results – We strive to not only achieve desired results, but to exceed them.
  • Initiative – We value initiative from our team members in contributing to team outcomes and helping us see things from different perspectives.
  • Teamwork – We value efforts to build strong team relationships, because we accomplish more when we work together.
  • Solutions Focused – When we encounter roadblocks on the path to our goals, we don’t let them stop us but instead focus on solving how to get around them.

If you’re interested in using our solution, joining our solution, or simply learning more, you can find more details on our website or contact us here.

Kim Mooney, Technical Manager & Coach