It’s on our business cards, webinars, email signatures, and blog bylines, but what is ReTool?  Simple question, we know, but the answer is anything but simple because ReTool is a lot of things.

History of ReTool

ReTool started in January 2017 with a question. PMG, like all those working in the manufacturing sector, was aware of the growing skills gap in technical trades and wanted to know what we could do to address it. Our answer was ReTool and a new PMG team was born.

The mission of ReTool is to address the growing skills gap in manufacturing by creating partnerships with military and technical institutions that allow PMG to beneficially develop skilled talent and deliver it to the manufacturers who need it around America. Three years after its inception, that mission is still going strong AND growing.

By the beginning of 2020, ReTool will have connected with over a thousand technical programs at hundreds of technical schools, community colleges, and military installations around the country. From career fairs and employer tables to classroom and virtual presentations, we bring the message of gainful employment opportunities in manufacturing (and with PMG) to the millennial masses and encourages them to pursue them.

ReTool Partners with Nepris

ReTool is not only adjusting the way PMG recruits and places talent, but it also functions as the industry advocates and outreach experts at PMG. As industry advocates, we connect with younger generations, creates excitement for a career in technical trades, and helps make sure the skills gap isn’t a recurring problem for our industry. A major partner in this endeavor has been Nepris whose platform has allowed PMG to connect with over 1400 students, in almost 100 classrooms, across 13 states, in just over a year.

Free Online Resources

However, it’s not good to push people into this industry, especially if they aren’t coming in with the tools they need to succeed. That is why, in support of its other efforts, ReTool has become the defacto education arm of PMG too. This education is provided in a multitude of ways:

  • Expert blogs on topics like Phone Interview Tips 
  • Free Webinars covering information such as soft skills and their importance in technical trades
  • Monthly newsletters regarding things like what changes Industry 4.0 may bring to manufacturing

All resources are free to access, download, and playback on demand.

Connect with ReTool

Regardless of the medium, we want to make sure the next generation of workforce arrives, not only able to get hired, but capable of staying hired AND thriving throughout their career in this industry.

If you’re wondering how to address the skills gap at your company and would like to see if some of what we do with ReTool would work for you, please check out our website at You can also connect with our team by emailing .


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