Starting a new career is a big adjustment. Candidates often express concerns such as, “How will I learn the PMG process and get up to speed quickly?” Over the last 14 years, we’ve refined our training program to ensure every new hire is set up for success. Our training program begins with an extensive in-office training week. This week includes PMG business model and product overview, CRM training, shadowing existing employees, studying a training manual and role-playing. The first week of training is important to give you enough information to be dangerous, but we understand that training is a life-long process.

Our motto at PMG is that training and development should never end. For our new hires, we have weekly call coaching sessions and one-on-one meetings with managers. We also hold a quarterly team training, where we discuss new techniques or go over successes/struggles that we are encountering.  Brian Primus, our Director of Business Development has been with PMG for over 14 years and plays a critical role in the training and development of our new hires. For many of those years, he was our only salesman. In order to efficiently translate his superior selling skills to new hires, Brian now holds a dual role of Salesman and Sales Trainer.

Along with our training program, our leadership team has an open door policy and encourages everyone to come forward with any new ideas or questions. We want to have an environment where the free-flow of ideas is constant and where learning and career growth never stop.