When faced with a backlog or high demand, manufacturers across the United States utilize FlexTrades’ skilled technicians for any and all of their production operations, but it doesn’t stop there. FlexTrades also employs highly-skilled engineers who help our customers meet a wide variety of goals. In fact, project-based engineering is not a trend. It’s becoming increasingly more common in manufacturing.

Here’s Why You Should Consider FlexTrades’ Engineers: 

  • Utilizing project-based engineers allows manufacturers to stay agile.
  • Many companies are running leaner than they were due to recent events, the current market and economy. Additionally, top talent (in this case – engineers) in this candidate-driven market are looking for more meaning in their work and also more flexibility.
  • By enlisting the help of project-based engineers, and working with FlexTrades to do so, the skills and experience of the engineer can be tailored to fit a manufacturer’s needs right now rather than hiring a full-time employee with a more generalized set of skills.
  • Project-based engineers allow full-time engineers to stay focused on long-term goals and objectives.
  • Utilizing project-based engineers is a great option when trying to align with the up-and-down lifecycle of engineering in a manufacturing facility.
  • Project-based engineers provide a fresh perspective by coming in with a different background than full-time engineers.

Are you a manufacturer who needs to update your work instructions, blueprints, and SOPs?

Maybe you’re experiencing a downturn in the quality of your products, and you need someone to analyze the cause, determine a solution, then implement?

Perhaps you need to reverse engineer older products so you can create updated prints?

Or maybe you’re looking to design and produce new products and needing someone to determine the feasibility of production.

Contact FlexTrades – we can help!

And, if you’re not a manufacturer but you’re an engineer who would like to travel, learn new things, and bring your expertise to manufacturers who really need it, contact a FlexTrades recruiter today to learn more.