The big Minnesota get together is almost here!

Here are 10 things you should put on your state fair list this year.

#1 Something on a stick

There are 60 food options that come on a stick and it is essential you try at least one. The Buckeye is a great option, located at the Spaghetti Eddie’s Stand on Cooper Street and Dan Patch Avenue!

#2 Look at the newborn animals

CHS Miracle of Birth Center showcases the new born animals and live births. It’s open from 9am to 9pm.

#3 Sweet Martha’s Cookies

Everyone knows that it’s practically impossible to go to the fair and not grab a bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies. This stand is a fan favorite at the fair.

#4 Be one with nature

Watch the beautiful butterflies at the Butterfly House and see if you can get one to land on your finger. It’s open from 8am to 10pm and is $3.50 per person.

#5 Eat a pronto pup

It would be a crime to not grab a pronto pup while you are at the fair. You can find these stands on almost every corner!

#6 Take a ride above the crowds

The Skyride has been around for almost as long as the fair. It’s a perfect activity to factor in to your day to give your legs a break from walking.

#7 New Food Alert: Jumbo Donut Sundae

Visit Fluffys Hand Cut Donuts stand to try this new item. Their stand is located Between West Dan Patch Avenue and Carnes Avenue as well as Liggett Street and Chambers Street.

#8 Attend a concert.

The Grand stand offers a variety of concerts every year. A few headliners this year include, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, and The Chainsmokers. Click here to purchase tickets.

#9 Specialty brews and beverages

The Minnesota State Fair announced 56 brand new beverages that will be available this year. These brews and cocktails are only found at the state fair. A few to look forward to: Aromatic Mike’s Hard Lemonade Slushy, Cotton Candy Hard Seltzer, Minnesota Mule Ale, and non-alcoholic Lake Storm Lemonade.

#10 Go down the giant slide

No one is ever too old to glide down this great attraction. Finish off your day at the fair with a joyride down the slide.

It is hard to know what to eat and what activities you should do because there are countless options! I hope that you get a chance to make it to a few of these this year. The fair begins on August 26 and goes through Labor Day. Tickets are only $13! Click here to purchase your state fair tickets.

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Bailey Braccini, Marketing Intern