Beat the heat with a Free Slurpee on 7/11! 

July is known for its steamy temperatures and the beautiful summer days. The air may be warm but you can cool down with a free slurpee on July 11 at your local 7/11 gas station. 7/11 started celebrating this holiday in 2002, but peoples’ love for slurpees started in 1959. The chain of stores hands out approximately five million slurpees on July 11 every year.

Did you know? 

Omar Knedlik created these summer afternoon masterpieces by accidentally leaving his sodas in the cooler for too long and still selling them. Customers at the Dairy Queen he owned in Kentucky were crazy about his mistake. People began requesting the frozen sodas and Omar knew there was an opportunity in front of him, so he created the ICEE. The craze about the tasty treat has continued ever since. There is proof that North Americans sip about 13 million slurpees every single month!

Slurpee > ICEE

At the start 7/11 had ICEE machines in their stores, then created their own twist by naming their slurpee after the sound you make when you drink it. Not only did they rebrand the frozen drink, the slurpee created a new straw. In 1968 Arthur Aykanians spoon straw debuted, which had a small scoop on the end to get every drop of frozen flavor. Speaking of flavors, there have been over 300 different slurpee flavors sold worldwide but the most popular ones are Coca-Cola and wild cherry.

Mark Your Calendar

Due to COVID-19, the national holiday was cancelled last year, but it’s making a return this summer! July 11 will be here before you know it. Start brainstorming what flavor(s) will be going into your cup this year!