Scheduling an interview while you’re working can be a challenge. Let’s think about this for a second –

You’ve made the decision that you’re going to start exploring new opportunities. You’ve updated your resume and started submitting online applications. The interview requests start rolling in and you’re thinking, ‘Wow, this is great!

Then, you’re met with the anxiety of ‘How am I going to take all these calls- I’m still working!’ Fears of your boss finding out you’re interviewing elsewhere start to take over your mind. Suddenly, a good situation has turned into a new source of stress.

Sound familiar?

Take a breath. You’re getting interview requests – that is half the battle! Now is the time to come up with a schedule.

Tips for scheduling your interview while you’re working

  • Look at your week – where can you adjust?
  • Speak with the hiring manager – what does their schedule look like?
  • Speak with your manager – where do you have flexibility for a personal appointment?

Come up with a game plan so you can provide several options of availability to the hiring manager. The more flexibility you’re able to offer, the better.

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Why is schedule flexibility important?

Being more flexible gives the impression you’re invested in the interview process and you’re easy to work with. Remember, the interview process is your first interaction with the company. How you present yourself here will be taken into consideration throughout the entire process. The hiring manager will take into consideration your willingness to adjust your schedule.

Is it appropriate to schedule an interview outside of business hours?

Requesting a time to interview outside of standard business hours is not ideal. You may think it is an easy and logical solution to your scheduling problem, but it’s actually sending a distasteful message to the hiring manger. Just like you, the hiring team works standard business hours. In order to respect the hiring team’s time and yours, set your schedule boundaries to be standard business hours.

How to use PTO wisely

Taking PTO to schedule an interview is a wise option. If you’re planning to take the day off, fill it with as many phone screens as possible. At the end of the day, evaluate each call you had that day. Then, narrow down the opportunities to your top three and go from there.

Interviewing while working isn’t always the easiest task, but having a job while you’re looking is the way to go. Give yourself the financial security and the time to make sure you’re making the best move possible.

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Mackenzie Porwoll, Corporate Recruiter