Summer 2020 is a scorcher and your summer utilities might be feeling the pressure to keep up. Here are a few ways to save your wallet from the high utility bills hot summers can bring.

Use the AC only when you need to

When it’s hot, I like to crank the air conditioning and enjoy relaxing and sleeping in a cold space. However, summer is also filled with trips and plans that might take you away from your home for days at a time. While you’re out, give your AC a break and turn up the house temperature a few degrees. This will help conserve energy and provide savings on your electricity bill.

Clean your vents and AC unit

It’s important to keep your vents and air conditioner clean because build up can cause your AC unit to run harder than it needs to. This results in more energy spent and a higher electricity bill. Depending on your unit, you can do some DIY cleaning using a garden hose and some rags. For your vents, look into some local companies who provide vent cleaning services and make sure you’re changing your filters regularly. If you have pets, I highly recommend getting your vents cleaned annually. These actions will not only help with your electricity bill, but also improve the air quality in your home.

Take advantage of what nature offers you

When mother nature provides your summer utilities some relief, take advantage of it! Open your windows on those cooler days and nights. Adjust your sprinkler system’s schedule when it rains. Taking advantage of mother nature’s gifts can help save your equipment and your wallet.

Invest in sun-blocking shades and drapes

Blinds and drapes are more than just decorative house pieces; they’re decorations that can provide savings on your summer utilities. According to Smart Energy, blinds can reduce heat gain in your home up to 45 percent. Likewise, drapes can also reduce heat gain by 33 percent. With that said, close the blinds and pull the drapes on those warm, sunny days to keep your home cooler and your bills down.

Know how the sun impacts your lawn.

If you have a lot of tree coverage to provide shade, your lawn might grow slower and need less water because it’s not as impacted by the sun. If your lawn gets a lot of sun, try keeping grass a little longer to protect the roots and soil from drying out. Also, watering in the morning and evening when the sun is at it’s lowest can help the ground absorb the water it needs to make it through a sunny day. Every lawn is different and therefore, might require different maintenance and care taking. By knowing how the sun impacts your lawn, you can better understand its water needs and determine where you can save on water and energy costs.


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