A new year is a good time for a new job. Whether you’re newly hired, or are working with new hires, here’s a list of things to remember!

Newly Hired? Remember This!

  1. Know Thyself
    • Anticipate, and be prepared for, common questions and also know your answers. Keep those answers brief but informative. This sets a good first impression and also encourages others to want to continue getting to know you! Also, be ready to introduce yourself to anyone you can!
  2. Mind Your Business
    • Set boundaries for yourself and others. How personal are you willing to be in your work relationships? What are you willing to give or do outside of normal working hours or on the weekends? How will you avoid cliques, gossip, or “frenemies”? Keep in mind – it’s often better to listen more than talk!
  3. Do Your Research & Ask Questions
    • As a new employee you have a lot to learn. Do your research to learn about the new position and the company. Keep in mind though, your research does not make you an expert so ask questions!
  4. Take in Procedures & Norms
    • Not only do you need to follow the procedures of the job itself but also the unwritten norms of the company. How do employees greet each other? Who shows up early or just on time? Also, avoid saying “this is how we did it at my last job”.
  5. Relax
    • All of these best practices are strategic, planned out, and careful but don’t forget to relax too. Make sure you’re not only prepared for your first day, week, or months but also well-rested, open-minded, and comfortable.

New Hires? Remember This!

  1. Introduce Yourself
    • This is an important step for both you and the new hire. When you take the initiative to introduce yourself to new hires it shows kindness, support, and takes away any opportunity for a lack of trust. It also helps the new hire stay open-minded and relaxed as they start a transition in their lives.
  2. Show-up & Follow-up
    • Stay in touch with your new colleague when you can. Ask if they have any questions. Ask them how their first day or two or week has been. This creates a professional relationship, establishes your credibility, and builds trust.
  3. Remember Your Own Journey
    • Keep in mind that you were also a new employee and colleague at one time. It can be a hard transition, so keep frustration in check and give compassion to a new employee who may be “taking up” your time with questions or training needs.
  4. Watch Closely but Not Too Closely
    • Be aware of the new employee’s tasks and to-dos but not so aware that you nitpick or interrupt in the process. If you are not a manager you do not need to manage. Remember: time is a great teacher so give the employee time to learn and work through things on their own, unless what you’re seeing is detrimental to safety or the company’s overall goals.
  5. Give Praise, Thanks, and Compliments
    • These can go a long way. It feels good to be appreciated so give away smiles, say thank you, and compliment on a job well done. It will help you feel good and build the confidence of your new coworker.

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Kim Mooney, Technical Manager & Coach