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Samuel A. – Test Technician

Aerospace Technician Samuel A

Test Technicians With
Strong Knowledge

  • 10+ years of experience as a highly skilled Electro-Mechanical Test Technician, Assembler, and Quality Inspector in the Aerospace industry
  • Experience with clean room testing
  • Experience with sub-assembly (component level), final assembly, bench assembly, floor assembly, small component and large system assembly in the Aerospace industry

Proficient with a wide variety of equipment and tools such as automated test stands, torque wrenches, drills, calipers, dial indicators, oscilloscopes, multi-meters, pressure gauges, power supplies, and much more


10+ years of experience in Aerospace performing assembly, disassembly, troubleshooting, testing, inspecting, and repair on systems and components such as control units for wings, motor controllers, electromechanical actuators, solenoid valves, gyros, reservoirs, accumulators, and hydraulic control units


Experience testing for functionality, continuity, pressure, resistance, current, tension, voltage, amperage, electrical discharge, torque, polarity, vibration, leak testing, and proof testing.