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HVAC Technicians

Claude S. – HVAC Technician

Factory HVAC Maintenance
Claude S HVAC Technician
  • Current EPA 608 / Universal Certificate for Refrigerant Handling
  • Familiar with chilled water systems, pumps, open and closed loop systems, and related controls as well as steam systems, exchangers, and closed-hot water recirculation systems (including motor filters, weather filters, and cooling coils)
  • Familiar with the maintenance and servicing of Fresh Air Intake Fans, Exhaust Fans, HPU Fans, and LPU Fans

HVAC Technicians with
Strong Knowledge


Troubleshoots electrical circuits for wiring, motor starters, controls, limits, relays, compressors and condensers per blueprint and schematic


Knowledgeable in Preventive, Corrective, Predictive, Planned, and Short Down Maintenance Services


Expert ability to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain HVAC-R equipment in heavy industries, commercial and residential settings