Navigating politics at work can be hard. I’m admittedly someone who keeps their political views to themselves. I don’t research enough to support my political views with facts. I simply believe what I believe. Then, I try really hard not to judge others for believing what they believe (easier said than done sometimes).

This year, with social media at my fingertips, it’s become harder and harder to bite my tongue. Again, without the facts, I stay away from political debates because I know I’m not educated enough to be a fighter.

Not everyone has the same control though. So, when it comes to talking politics around the watercooler in the office or around the timeclock on the shop floor, what should you consider?  Let me help you decide:

Consider your employer brand and culture!

When you make a political stance on social media and have coworkers, customers, or clients that follow your platforms, their opinion of your employer may change based on your singular view point. Think twice before you make your political stance public. Consider not only your own reputation, but your employers’ reputation as well.

Remember that work should is an environment of mutual respect, not politics!

While you and your cube-mate may not agree on who should win the political election, your respect for each other as coworkers and supporting members of the team should not be forgotten. You will have to work together on November 4th after the election has concluded.

Walk away, if needed.

If politics do come up, know that it’s unlikely you’ll be changing anyone’s mind or anyone will be changing your mind, so consider cutting the conversation short. Don’t engage in something you know could get heated. Walking away doesn’t make you a chicken, it makes you smart.

The elections are just weeks away but until then, focus on what should be keeping you busy at work and remember to be kind. If you need more information on those in the running for office, On The Issues provides detail for candidates at all levels of government.

Red or Blue. Conservative or Liberal. Donkey or Elephant.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Beth Bangtson, HR Manager