When it comes to industry-specific knowledge, there’s no replacement for experience. We all know that experience takes time to build.

At PMG ReTool, we’re big believers that anyone preparing for a career in the trades can reduce their learning curve by exposing themselves to a wider cross section of professional influences, regardless of experience level.

Use YouTube to Increase Your Exposure

The internet and video are great tools to help future technicians increase this exposure. Now, PMG even has an easy way to help the next generation of tradespeople learn to use these tools for their own benefit!

Our PMG ReTool YouTube Channel is full of example videos created or curated by our ReTool Team to help anyone, inexperienced or otherwise, grow their exposure to the trades and various sectors of the manufacturing industry.

Want to see facility tours at some of the world’s best producers? What about How-To’s from some of the industry’s best troubleshooters? This channel has a little bit of everything for anyone interested in technical education or skilled trades careers.

Top Videos on Our Channel

  • Interviews with some of our most experienced traveling technicians
  • Conversations with technical training partners
  • Playlists focused by process or industry
  • All of our free webinars

This channel has all the info you need. Learn how to best use your web time and make sure you can walk (and talk) like a duck when the time comes. Feel free to send ideas for future videos and playlists to our Writing Team and check out our channel today to get quacking!

Want to know more about PMG ReTool? Check out this introductory post about this department.

Josh Erickson, ReTool Public Relations & Engagement Specialist