Happy National Postage Stamp Day!

The first postage stamp was used in 1847. Before this, the U.S. mail traveled “postage due. This meant that the recipient of the letter or postcard was the one that had to pay the fee. Now, with the requirement of the U.S. stamp, the person sending the letter, package, or postcard is responsible for the cost.  


July 1, 1847, the day stamps first went on sale. The first two stamps on the market showcased Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.  


The picture above is the newly released U.S. Flag Forever Stamp. These are available for purchase at every post office location.  


Ideas on how to celebrate Postage Stamp Day: 

  • Send someone you know a letter or postcard 
  • Begin a stamp collection 
  • Create your own stamp at Zazzle.com
  • Buy a new roll of stamps online at the US Post shop