National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, aimed at teenagers, started March 22. The goal of this week was to debunk the myths we hear so often about drug and alcohol use.

According to research from the Centers for Disease Control, two-thirds of U.S. students have tried alcohol by 12th grade. National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week attempts to inform teens about the impact and risk of substance abuse.


Test your knowledge about drugs and drug use by taking the interactive  2021 National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge quiz!

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5 Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Changes in Behavior

This can include anything from bad grades to lack of respect to poor eye contact. Take note of what is different in your teen and ask yourself if their behavior is unusual.

Psychological Changes

Drugs can have a heavy impact on your teen — from trouble concentrating to memory issues to seemingly random laughter.

Health Issues

Drug use often coincides with health issues. If your teen is experiencing appetite changes, shakiness, excessive headaches, or frequent illness — take note.

Personal Appearance

Look for changes in personal appearance (from bad hygiene to bloodshot eyes).  Another sign could be burn marks on fingers or lips.

Suspicious Behavior

You may notice drug paraphernalia, missing cash, or valuables. This could be a clear indication of drug use.

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Brenda Lovitz, Risk & Safety Manager