At FlexTrades, we take pride in supporting our employees’ passion for animals. Our commitment to their well-being goes beyond offering pet insurance as part of our benefits package. We understand that pets bring immense joy to our lives and are an integral part of many families. In this article, we celebrate National Dog Day by sharing some heartwarming stories about our favorite furry friends and how they’ve enriched our lives.

Meet Nevada:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades

In April 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, we welcomed Nevada (Ada) into our family. She’s often referred to as a “pandemic puppy” because she’s become accustomed to having her family around. Ada adores boat rides and treats from Starbucks. You can catch glimpses of her adventures on Instagram here.

– Bree S., LD Recruiter 

Introducing Tucker:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (1)

Tucker, who will turn 11 in October, is proof that age is just a number. He’s a bundle of energy and enjoys playing fetch, going for walks, and spending hours by the shoreline, watching for fish. Sometimes, while I’m working, he lays under my desk and peeks out to keep an eye on me.

– Kathy M., Lead Gen & Sales Enablement Manager

Bruno’s Tale:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (2)

Meet Bruno, my loyal furry companion. We share a special connection as we were both born on the same day. It’s a simple but meaningful bond.

– Terrena J., Administrative Manager

Penny’s Story:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (3)

Penny is a rescue dog who entered my life last summer, bringing immense joy. She may have just one tooth, but her favorite toy is a squeaky, stuffed “White Paw” can.

– Colleen B., Lead Generation Associate

Gretchen’s Impact:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (4)

Until a few years ago, I wasn’t particularly fond of dogs. However, my husband and kids managed to persuade me to consider getting a dog. That’s when we found Gretchen, a wonderful border terrier/chihuahua mix, and it changed our lives. She’s our therapy dog, exercise buddy, and source of endless affection. Gretchen even led me to safety after a fall into a river – a story that bonded us forever.

– Elizabeth B., Human Resources Manager

Casey’s Journey:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (5)

Despite swearing never to have a pet at home, our family decided to adopt Casey. The decision not only brought a dog into our lives but also led to a major move from the Twin Cities to North Dakota. Casey is more than a pet; she’s an essential family member who brightens our days with long walks and unconditional love.

– Kim M., Technical Manager & Coach

Sindri & Loki’s Tale:

National Dog Day The Pups of FlexTrades (6)

As someone who grew up on a farm and continues to run one, I’ve always had dogs. I expect a lot from them, from hunting and herding to being great family members. In almost 40 years, Loki stands out as extra special. He’s a remarkable Heeler/Brittany mix who taught me countless life lessons. Then came Sindri, a Tri-Collie/Terrier mix, who enriched our lives further.

– Josh E., ReTool PR & Engagement Specialist

FlexTrades acknowledges the incredible bonds we share with our furry companions and the profound impact they have on our lives. We’re proud to have a team that cares deeply for their pets and understands the importance of celebrating these incredible animals on National Dog Day. They teach us patience, loyalty, and unconditional love. We invite you to explore more stories from our FlexTrades family and their cherished pets. If you’re considering adopting a dog, don’t hesitate. Your forever friend is waiting to join your journey.