Charles Taylor built the engine that powered the Wright Brothers’ airplane, Kittyhawk, in 1903. May 24, his birthday, is recognized as National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day. This day allows the rest of us to celebrate those founders of flight who, like Mr. Taylor, made aviation possible. It also encourages us to show appreciation for the many other men and women who still keep air travel possible today.

History of the Day

National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day started as a resolution in the United States House of Representatives, sponsored by Congressman Bob Filner of California, in 2007. The resolution passed by voice vote the following year. Today, 45 different states officially observe this day of recognition. It might not get you out of work, but there are some things you can do to show your appreciation for the Americans involved with the maintenance that keeps the aviation industry flying high.

How to Show Appreciation

  • Encourage the next generation to follow you into the field. If you work in the aviation maintenance industry, simply talk to friends and family or a local classroom about your career.
  • Send a short note or tasty goodies to a person in your life who works in this field. Little gestures are easy ways to show big thanks.
  • Getting on a plane today? Print up a thank you in large font and hold it in your window. As your plane pushes back from your gate, the ramp agents will see it and spread the word.
  • Did you have a great flight? Did everything work well? Share recognition. Take the time to send a positive review to your airline or post about it on their social media platforms.

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