Meet Richard Y., a Diesel Assembly Technician and Mechanic at PMG. Richard is currently working his fourth project at PMG. Learn more about him in the Q&A session below!

Q&A with Richard

How long have you been working in manufacturing?

I have been working in manufacturing for a little over a year now.

What drew you to the trade?

Being able to work with my hands. I love building stuff and knowing how they work.

Have you had any formal training?

Yes. I have 8 years experience as a heavy equipment mechanic.

Before working at PMG, what was the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

Working as a detention officer. It was very demanding.

What do you like most about working for PMG?

Traveling and meeting new people.

What is one thing you miss or wish you had with you while on the road?

Being able to cook in a full size kitchen.

How do you balance your career at PMG and family?

I take time off during the holidays to spend time with family.

What are some career lessons you’ve learned thus far?

Always have an open mind. There’s a lot you can learn from each job that you take on.

When you’re not working, what sort of hobbies do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy doing things outside. Hiking, camping, mountain biking, and also exploring new places.

What is something fun you’re looking forward to in 2019?

Hopefully exploring more of the east coast while working with PMG.