PMG believes that those who eat better work better. But we don’t just want you to work better; we want you to feel better too! This blog aims to help you feed yourself with better fuel and we have tips, tricks, and recipes to make that possible. If you missed our last lunchbox hack, there’s still plenty of summer left to get grilling, so check it out now.

Eating vegetables is always an important part of any diet because of the contributions they make to your health in terms of vitamins, minerals, complex carbs, fiber, and heart-healthy “good” fats. Proper vegetable intake is even more important during the hot summer months because they help keep you hydrated too. That makes this a great time of year to recommit to getting more vegetables into your daily lunchbox.


There’s lots of great ways to work more veggies into your daily lunch and kids can benefit too! One of the easiest things to do is to think about how you can replace an item with a vegetable rather than just simply adding them. For example, think about your favorite, old reliable sandwich. Now swap out the bread for something green and call it a lettuce wrap. Voila! Instant vegetable increase!


Start with a bag of frozen vegetables. They’re cheap, easy to cook in the microwave, and they can double as an ice pack in your cooler!

You might be saying, “Wait! Great idea, but I work outside. How does this help me?” The answer to that is easy. If you work on sites or in situations where a microwave isn’t handy, wrap your frozen (but thawing) veggies in tinfoil before lunch time, and let them sit in the sun while on top of your cooler or on your dash. Depending on temperatures and cloud cover, an hour should normally be enough.


One of the easiest ways to eat more vegetables is to not eat them at all. Drink them instead!

A tasty smoothie can make a lot of vegetables go down easy while also being easy to prep. Try this Kale Pineapple Smoothie recipe next time you have the blender out. Then just make sure to leave enough to pack for work the next day!

If you found some of these ideas to be helpful, check out our earlier Lunchbox Hacks on our blog page for more to chew on.

Have some delicious tips, tricks, or recipes of your own you’d like to share? Send them to our Writing Team and we might feature them in future posts. Either way, we hope you work safely and eat healthy today!

Josh Erickson, ReTool Public Relations & Engagement Specialist