PMG believes that those who eat better work better. This blog is our effort to improve the American workforce one lunchbox at a time. We want you to feed yourself with something that fuels you better and we have tips, tricks, and recipes to make that possible! If you missed our last lunchbox hack, check it out on our blog page now.


March is the month of many things, but among those things are Read Across America Day and St. Patrick’s Day. We think you should celebrate both together by preparing this easy Green Eggs & Spam recipe for lunch on March 17. We know you’ll be surprised at ‘all the places you will go’ after break time when you’re so well fueled!


If you’re not familiar with Minnesota’s very own canned pork product, SPAM®, learn more by reading our latest How It’s Made blog now. Then, check out these tips for cooking with SPAM® before you ever open a can. Even if you are experienced with the tasty subtleties of SPAM®, take a pro-tip from a lifelong Minnesotan (me) and always remember that the fryer is your (and your taste-buds’) friend!


For the campfire cooks among us, you will be thrilled to learn that SPAM® isn’t just easy to pack for the backcountry. It can actually be cooked in the can to save on cleanup too! Warning: If you’re not familiar with the properties of pressure cooking, read this article on how NOT to cook SPAM® in the can BEFORE attempting. Then, properly vent your can and enjoy a tasty, effortless meal for your next camping trip!

Josh Erickson, ReTool & Technical Solutions Associate