From the shop to the warehouse to the field, production is powered by people who are fueled by food. We want to help you work better by helping you eat better. This blog is our effort to do just that. If you missed last month’s lunchbox hack, check it out on our blog page now. But, if you liked what you learned (or you’re just tired of the same old same old), read on to find delicious ways to improve your lunch packing process.


Snacks aren’t just to help satisfy your cravings. They are an important source of nutrition to maintain your energy between meals. To make sure you have enough fuel to power through your day before or after lunch, choose snacks high in protein and complex carbs. A few handfuls of mixed nuts or trail mix is always a good choice. Packing separately from the rest of your lunch and at the top of your lunchbox, reduces mess and improves access at breaktime too!


Follow a formula. A lot of the trouble in packing your own lunch comes with deciding what to pack in the first place. The easy way around this is to take the deciding out of it. This is the same reason why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same kind of hoodie and pants every day. The fewer choices available, the less time spent choosing. Pack your lunches according to a formula like the one below and then just choose based on pre-listed options in each category. A great example of this method can be found in this article.


A great way to follow a simple lunch formula like PROTEIN + CARB + FRUIT/VEG + SOMETHING FUN is to pack an adult lunchable. They’re easy, healthy, low-mess, and fun to eat so they’re definitely not just for kids. You don’t have to opt for an expensive, pre-packaged version either. Try this recipe for a DIY Starbucks Protein Bistro Box on your next lunch break.