We’re on a mission to improve break time for the American workforce one lunchbox at a time. From the shop to the warehouse to the field, production is powered by people who are fueled by food. And we’re sure most of us would appreciate something better in our brown bags. If you missed last month’s lunchbox hack, check it out on our blog page now. But, if you liked what you learned (or you’re just tired of the same old same old), read on to harvest the fruits of our (admittedly delicious) labor.


Good nutrition in your daily caloric intake is key but it won’t go far without proper hydration too! Most of us need to drink more water than we currently do. Some studies suggest that the typical adult male should consume as much as 125 ounces of fluids daily (slightly less for females). However, the old standby of drinking eight cups (8 oz.) of water each still serves most people well. Regardless, many of us still need to increase our daily water intake greatly. If you’re one of those that just can’t keep track, try using a water jug like this one from Igloo. Then you can start the day already knowing you’ll drink enough without needing to refill even once.


Bento boxes are great for separating lunch items to preserve freshness and prevent sogginess. But they can get expensive. Many people in the trades consider them too trendy or fancy for their own lunchbox too. If you’d like to reap the benefits of a bento box, without making it obvious, consider trying this life hack. All you need is a large ice cube tray, a sealed container and, voila, instant bento box!


Is your midday menu getting stale? To mix it up, try this Homemade Hot Pocket recipe for something fun that is still easy to cook and reheat. They’re simple to pre-make in bulk and, if you make them flat rather than rounded, you’ll even be able to use a toaster to reheat them instead of a microwave. That way you get a crispy crunch to go with your healthy (guilt-free) lunch!

Josh Erickson, ReTool & Technical Solutions Associate