PMG wants to mix up your meal planning by improving break time for the American workforce one lunchbox at a time. No matter where it happens, production is powered by people who are fueled by food. We have tips, tricks, and recipes to help you feed yourself with something that makes you feel better! If you missed last month’s lunchbox hack, read it now on our blog page.


Mornings can get hectic quickly, especially for parents now that school is back in session. It’s not uncommon for a pre-packed meal to get forgotten in the fridge once everyone is out the door. If you’d like to life-proof your lunch time, start leaving your car keys in your lunch bag at night. You’ll never make it all the way out the door without your meal again.


Put it in a jar. Whether you’re prepping soup, salad, or a variety of other things, it will always be simpler to make a large batch and then separate servings into jars. This way, you will save time in the morning and simplify transfer/transport.

  • Pro Tip: When packing your pre-jarred soup in the morning, remove the metal lid, overheat in the microwave, then add to a quality insulated thermos (such as this one from Stanley) for a meal that will be ready to eat hours later. This will save you when it comes to dishwashing too!


September is the unofficial start of soup season. Try this easy Best Ever Potato Soup recipe. Prep time will take 30 minutes or less AND it will still be delicious the next day! Remember to pack extra too because a soup isn’t just for lunch time. An extra cup at your morning or afternoon breaks can really help you power through the rest of your day.

Josh Erickson, ReTool & Technical Solutions Associate