PMG wants to break up the bland monotony of the brown bag by improving break time for the American workforce one lunchbox at a time. No matter where it happens, production is powered by people who are fueled by food. We want you to feed yourself with something that makes you feel better and we have tips, tricks, and recipes to make that possible! If you missed last month’s lunchbox hack, check it out on our blog page now.


Break time, COVID restrictions in the cafeteria, and questionable cleanliness for the microwave and other communal appliances can cause more complications during lunchtime. With all of this in mind, it’s important to keep your meal prep simple. When cooking dinner at home, make enough to use those ingredients for lunch the next day.

Pro Tip: Pre-cooking meals is even more convenient if you can eat your ingredients without reheating.


Put it on a stick. Here in Minnesota, home of the largest state fair in America (you heard that right, Texas!) we know that literally anything is better when served on a skinny piece of wood, bamboo, or metal (like these flexible skewers). The same principle applies to your lunchbox. No matter what you ate the night before, we promise it will prep, pack, and eat better from a stick the next day. Just think deconstructed- Taco Tuesday with the family sounds a lot like Southwest Skewers the next day for lunch.


If you consider yourself to be a steak and potatoes person, try this easy 3-step kabob recipe \ for dinner. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, consider some meat-less protein alternatives in lieu of steak and also read our How It’s Made blog on plant-based burgers. Either way, be sure to make enough so you can pack some for an all-in-one, no-heat lunch the next day. However, you might get some envious stares from your coworkers. Maybe think about bringing extras!

Josh Erickson, ReTool & Technical Solutions Associate