We’re on a mission to improve break time for the American workforce one lunchbox at a time. From the shop to the warehouse to the field, production is powered by people who are fueled by food. We’re sure most of us would appreciate something better in our brown bags. If you missed last month’s lunchbox hack, check it out on our blog page now. But, if you liked what you learned (or you’re just tired of the same old same old), read on to harvest the fruits of our (admittedly delicious) labor.

Lunch Tip

A balanced meal is important, but so is proper rest. It’s no surprise then that most of us pass on packing a proper lunch in favor of one more press of the snooze button every morning. It doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition though! Pack your lunch the evening before (during other meal prep or clean up) and you’ll always be ready to walk out the door in the morning!


Freeze your fruits and veggies. Many lunchboxes are insulated (like this classic from Stanley) but most still need something to keep them cool. Ice melts and makes a mess while freezer packs take up space better used for food. If you want to keep your produce fresh, freeze it the night before and use it in lieu of ice. Your lunch will be fresh at break and you won’t have to sacrifice items or eat them soggy.


Try this Watermelon, Tomato, and Cheese Salad recipe from Food.com. Watermelon and tomato are both great foods to help you hydrate. This a perfect meal for those looking to beat the summer heat at work too!

Josh Erickson, ReTool & Technical Solutions Associate