After decades spent in fields,  shops, and at jobsites, I know that food options can be limited for those trying to fuel themselves through yet another long shift. From workplace to drive-thru to gas station fare, the reality is that S4L (Sandwich, Soup, Salad, Snack, and Leftovers) can get expensive. Not to mention, unhealthy and boring. But don’t worry, PMG isn’t just about the work, we’re here for you in regards to food too.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with America’s manufacturing workforce, check out our webinar on the importance of healthy habits for those working in manufacturing to learn more. Otherwise, read on for barbequing tips & tricks for the unofficial start of grilling season this Memorial Day!


When it comes to steak it’s all about patience. Allow your meat to sit at room temperature at least 20 minutes prior to putting it on the grill. Let steaks rest after cooking as well. The juices will redistribute during this time creating a much juicier experience from bite to bite. The residual heat of the meat will also keep the steak cooking so don’t be afraid to remove it slightly earlier than expected. Additionally, while burgers don’t require the same rest time as steaks, a simple dimple in your patty will help keep them flat while grilling!

Grilling Season Steak


The simplest trick starts with a clean grill. This helps avoid that over-charred taste AND limits the chances of grease fires that can quickly ruin your meal or your grill. Another helpful item for any grill guru is a hamburger press. Whether plastic or metal, a good press can make forming the perfect patty much faster and easier while also producing burgers that cook more evenly.


We all have a favorite standby method or recipe for grilling meat but how many have a dessert recipe they can grill too? In case you don’t, checkout this great recipe for grilled peaches next time you want to impress the neighbors during grilling season. Garnish to taste but, please know, the subtle combination of savory and sweet is more than enough for this fruit to fly solo after your main course too!

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