Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

To my children, Valentine’s Day means decorating boxes for school, filing out Valentine’s Day cards for each of their classmates, and eating lots of yummy candy.

For my husband, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for giving and receiving sarcastic cards about being ‘the peanut butter to my jelly’, exchanging gifts neither of us really need, and spending too much on a nice dinner that we’ll regret later because who really needs a five-course meal?

While we show everyone else how much we love them on Valentine’s Day, what about treating ourselves to a little love? What about giving ourselves the time to do something that will benefit us even after Valentine’s Day has come and gone?

Here are a few things you can do to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t need to cost you a dime.


You spend so much time smiling at others but what about just smiling at yourself? That one smile in the mirror from YOU could make you happy all day long (and might even garner a laugh)!

Make a list

Take some time to praise yourself for the good things you do. You went out of your way to help a coworker yesterday; gave the homeless person on the corner that second sandwich you didn’t really need; donated blood. You do good things all the time – pay attention!

Say no

I know this one is easier said than done for some people (including myself), but don’t let someone else determine your next move. If you aren’t heading in the direction of your dreams, say no and steer yourself in the right direction.

Challenge yourself to something new

You are constantly learning and growing and it’s never too late to try something new. Did you take piano lessons as a child and always wish you would have stuck with it? Maybe now is the time to find a piano teacher. Want to learn Swedish? Ge det ett fÖrsÖk! If Google serves me right, that means ‘give it a try’!

Forgive yourself

I read a book recently that reminded me that, more often than not, forgiveness if for me, not for the person I’m forgiving. I’m freeing myself from whatever has trapped me and allowed me to stop growing. The same can be said for forgiving yourself. No one is perfect. Allow yourself some grace and learn from your experience. Take a cue from Elsa and ‘let it go’ (please tell me I’m not the only one singing right now).

Do what makes you happy

For some, this could be popping popcorn and binging Harry Potter all weekend. For others, taking your beloved Fido to his favorite dog park. If you’re typically a home body, but you know that being happy means getting out and doing something different, go explore a nearby State Park. There are so many options no matter where you are.

Find your inner sparkle

I’m pretty sure Dr. Seuss said it better than anyone else when he said, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Embrace the ‘youer’ that you are – you’re worth it!

Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!

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Beth Bangtson, HR Manager