It’s Love Your Freckles Day – Monday, November 22nd

While you should love yourself in your entirety, no matter what, I know that’s not always the easiest thing to do.

As a pasty kid growing up in southwestern Minnesota 35+ years ago, I know one thing I struggled to love about me was what my mom always lovingly referred to as ‘angel kisses’. Argh! Had I been able to see those angels, I would have swatted at them with abandon to keep them away from me.

In a family of red heads, freckles were just part of the deal: the norm, ‘the us-us’ as my girls say, status quo. My sisters and I, we all had them and I’m pretty sure we all hated them. As I aged, the freckles on my face lightened and, in my teens, when I started wearing make-up, I was able to almost cover them completely.

Today, it’s my daughter that gets to deal with these annoying little spots that always seem to pop up in the most opportune spaces: the tip of her nose, the space between her nose & her mouth (a mustache of freckles dare I say), and the lids of her eyes.

Honestly, my feelings for freckles have definitely changed through the years. I adore them, especially my daughters, and wish mine hadn’t disappeared.

To all you lucky freckled-face wonders out there – embrace your face (and your shoulders, your knees and wherever else those freckles may land) and celebrate your beauty.

Happy Love Your Freckles Day!

Beth Bangtson, Director of Human Resources